Bet-On-Blackjack – World famous casino game

Bet-On-Blackjack – World famous casino game

Blackjack is an iconic and world famous casino game. Bet-On-Blackjack is a game where users can place bets on the outcomes of a virtual Blackjack game, following the standard Blackjack rules. 

In this form of Blackjack, five virtual players compete against the dealer to win each round, following classic Blackjack rules. Each game allows four rounds of betting, in each round each virtual player is given odds based on their calculated possibility of winning. Users may wager on each virtual player at the odds presented.

To add to the excitement, users can also bet on lose or push (in addition to win) outcomes on every player hand with the corresponding odds. Each box or betting position can have an unlimited numbers of players. Moreover, players can place several bets in each round. The payout will be calculated based on player’s stake multiplied by the odds at the moment the bet was made.