Bet-On-Poker – A dynamic game with non-stop action

Bet-On-Poker – A dynamic game with non-stop action

Texas Hold’Em Poker is a dynamic game that is exciting and a perennial favourite of players worldwide. BetConstruct partners can take advantage of this trend and provide non-stop action to their players by offering a virtual poker game based on Texas Hold’Em.   

Bet-On-Poker uses a certified RNG to produce a secure, randomised outcome for every game. Additionally the product offers three tables of Poker in a multi-player game format, each with 4, 6 or 8 playing positions. At the beginning of every game all virtual players are dealt two hole cards, face up and odds are set on each of these players.    

Users can choose to bet on one or more players, based on the odds provided at any of three tables. Every game consists of four rounds of betting and a player can place several bets in each round. The payout will be calculated on the basis of the player’s stake multiplied by the odds at the moment the bet was made.