BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian for Betting Business

BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian for Betting Business

For BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian, sportsbetting is all about providing the rapid real-time data that delivers on both cost and quality - and with strategic partnerships with startups such as Megafeed, that’s exactly what their partners get.

Solution provider BetConstruct is putting high quality data at the heart of its offering for both customers and operators, delivering an innovative oddsfeed product with fast-paced coverage and an extensive statistics module to quench consumer thirst for information.

According to CEO Vahe Baloulian, in-depth statistics and a wide range of sportsbetting opportunities are vital to high turnover in the bookmaking industry. That’s why, with a series of strategic collaborations with statistics scouting networks like Megafeed, Betconstruct has redoubled its commitment to making data work for its partners.

“For marketing, content is king, for poker it’s liquidity, and for sports-betting it’s data,” explained Baloulian. “Demand for data is never-ending. We want more events and at different times to maximize turnover and betting opportunities for our operators. This means we need data and for inplay it has to be real time, something that has completely changed the landscape. Consumers also demand data. They want to place bets that are informed by the statistics and we provide that too.”

To cope with such high - and ever increasing-demand, BetConstruct has focused its efforts on procuring close-knit collaborations with industry leading data suppliers and start-ups such as Megafeed, who use scouts to seek out data across a huge range of regions, sports and time zones.

Baloulian commented: “Our statistics module is built for vast amounts of data. We search out data suppliers with the best quality and speed for our partners, which is very difficult. We also work with startups such as Megafeed - a fast-growing company with a network of scouts. We forged an exclusive deal to sell their products and therefore have a certain say over their game coverage.”

With coverage of a huge range of sports and events across different regions, and the added pressure of providing high-frequency match data 24/7, operational costs can easily spiral. For BetConstruct, the partnership model and an understanding of punters’ needs makes it easier than ever to provide a core quality product at a viable price.

“The challenge is to find high quality, fast and reliable data - sometimes faster feeds are available to customers but this can be a risk factor,” said Baloulian. “The data has to be affordable enough to make commercial sense for the operator and providers have to be creative with their offers.

“We also believe that for the punter, clear and concise data and betting offerings are important. The jazzed-up looks are nice, but we do it only if it improves data consumption.”

He added: “Our odds feed product brings an industry-leading number of matches and markets, an in-depth management console, flexibility of choice, with prices to suit all sizes of business. The marketplace has moved to a stage where customers view more matches and markets as a sign of the operator’s quality. Our odds feed leads the way on this.”