Ogwil— A Winner At Every Level

Ogwil— A Winner At Every Level

With our Online Guaranteed Win Instant Lottery – OGWIL – BetConstruct has combined the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card with a highly involving online game of chance. The game logic is based on a mathematical idea, developed by Berkeley University Professor Manuel Blum in 1981.

OGWIL players can buy online tickets to play and they can purchase as many tickets as they like in a single session. They can also choose the value of their ticket from a predetermined list, with value being set by the operator. The growing player involvement comes from the decision to stay in the same column for the next choice, or to change to a different column. This demands even more nerve when three columns are in play. Each individual choice is a lottery, pure chance.

The basic OGWIL sequence can be embedded in a huge variety of scenarios. For example, OGWIL can become a character with an identity and engaging personality. BetConstruct has successfully developed OGWIL as a legendary bandit of the Wild West, with the challenge being to predict where he has hidden his stolen gold.