Oksana Yanyshyn's Interview with Gambling Insider

Oksana Yanyshyn's Interview with Gambling Insider

1. How have you developed your live dealer product in the past year?

Over the past year, our live casino product has been enhanced to make it the most reliable and competitive product available, while at the same time ensuring support for a range of channels including desktop, mobile and retail terminals. Existing games have been enriched with new features including side bets and new games added such as Bet-On-Poker and Bet-On-Baccarat.

We have worked to improve risk and control tools for operators with improved reporting, dealer performance quality information and monitoring of player betting systems and patterns.

In response to operator requests, a range of design features have been added including the ability to enhance the operator's brand identity. Finally, we have added more languages so our offering now includes English, Russian, Armenian and Turkish operating tables.

2. How possible is it to be innovative with a live dealer offering? What sort of innovation have you introduced?

It is certainly possible to be innovative with the live dealer product offering; in fact, over the past 10 years, there has been a constant stream of feature-based innovations. Currently, the challenge is to find the correct balance between cost, reliability, and profitability for each live casino product. Recently, we have introduced the following product enhancements:

- A user interface that maximizes player spending within a defined time period.

- A full range of live casino games suitable for every gaming vertical by combining classic casino and betting game features

3. Which markets and jurisdictions are you currently targeting with your live dealer product? Why are these your areas of focus?

Presently, we are focusing on the European and Asian marketplaces, and our focus is specifically to gain licenses within a number of European jurisdictions. Our live dealer is one of the most flexible in the industry and can fit a number of jurisdictions. We have clients internationally, leading with English speaking regions, CIS countries, South America and Asia.

4. What are the benefits of a live dealer product for operators?

It is difficult to find a gaming website not currently offering live casino games; live dealer products improve the casino experience by providing a more “real” and “immediate” environment as well as adding a social appeal and a more intimate connection between the player and the dealer.

Typically, operators experience a 70% increase in turnover with live dealer products as the products are able to attract a number of customer groups, including the all important VIP clientele. Additionally, the opportunities for individual operators to brand their live casino offerings can lead to greater trust and loyalty; this, in turn, adds to the customer lifetime value and, consequently, the operator’s income.

5. How demanding are operators regarding live casino? What sort of expectations do they have and how are these evolving?

Live dealer operators derive a significant proportion of their gaming revenues from these products and, consequently, are extremely demanding of suppliers. The precise nature of their expectations is contingent on their geography, the strength of their brand and their profit expectations.

The current demands include:

- A wide portfolio of live casino games to meet the demand of various geographies (Roulette in Europe, Baccarat in Asia, Blackjack in Africa as well as Poker and lottery games for a worldwide audience)

- Branding and customization flexibility including game features, bonuses, playing limits, and user interface

- Dedicated space in studio for a particular operator including tables and dealers

- Platform security

- Strong marketing tools for player acquisition and retention

- Products suitable for land based and online operators

We also note evolving expectations driven by trends such as multi-channel device support, social gaming, and player profile customisation.

6. What sort of research do you undertake regarding the behavior and habits of live dealer players? How useful is this information?

As the product is still relatively new, it is essential to engage in constant product research and development. We continually gather and research player data with regard to a number of parameters including:

- Player demographics (age, gender, etc)

- Player location

- Device preferences

- Game preferences

- Language preferences

- Bet types and playing strategies

- User experience preferences

- Activity periods during the day, week, year

This data allows us to create new games, improve existing games, and, most importantly from an operator perspective, increase the profitability of games. This is accomplished through making games more attractive and secure for players.

7. Do you have a specific strategy when it comes to marketing live dealer to operators? If so, what is this strategy?

We believe we have a compelling live dealer product offering, and we will continue to promote it via all marketing channels including online, print, and in person at expos and conferences.

8. What kind of developments can we expect to see in future months in relation to your live dealer offering?

In the next few months, you can expect to see our live dealer offering enhanced in the following ways:

An enriched gaming environment with more games (including an imminent multiplayer version of Russian poker, the richest poker version yet developed), greater numbers of operating tables, and more languages

Greater levels of device support

Improved bonus engine and and marketing support

9. In more general terms, what are the big industry issues that will be affecting BetConstruct in the next 12 months? How will the company deal with these?

The challenges of the next 12 months will mirror those of the past 12 months, particularly the requirements of both regulation and licensing. It is becoming more difficult to enter regulated markets with the high costs of applications and technical certifications. These challenges apply to both suppliers and operators alike. BetConstruct are continuing to meet the various certification requirements and will continue to work toward gaining product licenses in jurisdictions around the world.

10. What are the biggest opportunities for the company moving forward?

As a company we will remain focused on our key objective, the growth of our partners. To that end we will continue to develop products that provide an engaging player experience, provide tools that improve the manageability of operators’ businesses and provide free expert services that reduce the costs of running our partners gaming operations.