"Stick to your guns" — BetConstruct Interview in eGR Winners Report 2015

"Stick to your guns" — BetConstruct Interview in eGR Winners Report 2015

eGaming Review (eGR): What emphasis does BetConstruct put on the role of customer service?

David Chandler (DC): For me personally, it is everything. I believe it is no exaggeration to say that the quality of your customer service can make or break the relationship and trust you build with your partners. You can generate partner interest by offering a range of great products and generous pricing, but it is the support that you provide that keeps your partner and helps them grow long-term.

I believe the quality of service that was recently recognised at the eGR B2B Awards, comes from an understanding that many of our partners ultimately seek us to provide the power of technology and expertise to help them run a gaming business and prosper in this industry. Carefully considered suggestions or a well-timed observation can draw potential and existing customers closer, gain their trust and help move the process forward in a positive way. It is an amazing opportunity to be working with a company that shares this belief.

By offering exceptional customer service, BetConstruct allows our partners to focus on increasing their player base and maximising their investment, rather than having to focus on the day-to-day challenges of running a multi-lingual customer service centre, bookmaking or risk management department.

eGR: Why do customers value the customer service you offer?

DC: One thing we all understand here is that customer service is not just about giving a customer a bland, albeit correct answer, or telling them what they wish to hear. It is about delivering them hard truths or unexpected replies. It is the delivery, the offer of future support and the anticipation of their requirements that is the real key. At BetConstruct, such hackneyed phrases like ‘the customer is king’ or ‘the customer is always right’ have been swept up and dumped in a bin labelled 1990s’. For us, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of what we are trying to achieve. Each customer, whether they are a partner with a US$1m turnover or a start-up operation on their first day of business, for that moment is the only customer receiving our full attention.

This single minded determination is reflected in our company-wide ‘0-30-24’ approach of answering immediately, understanding the issue within 30 minutes and resolving it within 24 hours, all partners irrespective of size still receive the same, high levels of service.

eGR: But of course, there is a cost associated with this high level of service.

DC: From the perspective of our partners, not at all. In general at BetConstruct all customer services in support of our partner operators and their players are provided at no additional cost. Clearly this does represent a significant investment in the success of our partners. Given that BetConstruct is only successful when our partners are successful, we believe that this is an absolutely essential investment.

eGR: But is it all about the service?

DC: Well, of course it is an imperative to have a great product, something that the customer actually wants, and can deliver on your promises to the marketplace. However, in many ways, yes, you are correct: the experience appreciated by customers has its roots in customer service and this is all about people. It is essential to have people with a real desire to give existing or prospective customers the best solution. People who don’t just say the words, they believe them too!  

One of the earliest gaming companies I worked for was one of the larger casino companies in the world at that time, yet it offered fewer games than its competitors and graphically was quite poor in comparison to its peers. Despite these limitations it was overwhelmingly successful in the marketplace; this success was down to two things - innovative marketing and superb customer service.

We strove to answer the customers’ concerns and anticipate future questions, reducing customer waiting, stress and, with an eye to the bottom line, allowing them to get back to the games faster. However, there was no cynicism involved, just a desire to offer service that went beyond anything I had ever come across before or since, until I joined BetConstruct. Here, we have been encouraged to build a similar philosophy across all our customer facing departments and to innovate whenever possible. Call it ‘thinking outside the box’, call it ‘going that extra mile’, the bottom line is whatever the label, we strive to deliver the promise of quality at all levels: it is in every call, every chat and every interaction.

I believe that it is for reasons such as this that we have achieved so much success over the past years. We don’t believe that there is such a thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in this industry and if we pushed something just for a quick-buck, Euro or Bitcoin, we would have strayed far from the BetConstruct vision.

eGR: It sounds all very theatrical. Are you simply telling the customer what they want to hear?

DC: Not at all. To be successful, you need to believe in what you’re saying, in the product or service you are offering. If you have a poor quality product, no matter how you promote it, your heart will never be in it. People can discern a rote answer from an honest belief. The BetConstruct vision is an integral part of who we are and how we act. It is easy to talk good customer service, but harder to achieve it and I believe that difference is experienced by our customers.

eGR: And what is that vision exactly?

DC: BetConstruct’s vision is to create a level playing field in the gaming world. To offer a range of services and products that are accessible to investors, entrepreneurs and enterprises at all levels. To grow together by building long-term relationships, rather than ensuring a hefty start-up profit and thus having a lesser interest in our partner’s future successes.

I find it interesting how many gaming companies and providers talk about the need to look after their customers; how a small, yet consistent, house edge or poker rake, coupled with good service will create long-term loyalty and a happy customer base. Yet, when it comes to start-ups and expansions, many providers price themselves out of the market for many entrepreneurs or even refuse to entertain the smaller, independent operator.

However, it was from similar humble beginnings that many existing giants started. A couple of guys in a garage or a re-mortgaged home and a passion have been the foundation of many successful enterprises across the industry. At BetConstruct, we strive to remember our roots and, as we expand, ensure that no matter your company size, position or aspirations, we are able to support you and help you grow.

eGR: And would you say that it is this vision that culminated in BetConstruct winning the EGR award for Best Customer Service?

DC: It is certainly a key factor, but no vision, no philosophy works without the validation that comes from commercial success.

During the past year we have increased the number of our partners by 125% and to support our phenomenal growth, our employee base grew 60% passing 800 employees in nine offices worldwide. New regional offices were opened in the USA, Peru, Ukraine and Cyprus.

We are very lucky to have hundreds of customer service personnel, who understand, accept and actively subscribe to our vision of customer service and I believe this is just the beginning of what we can collectively achieve. This award is, in my opinion, the best possible recognition in the best possible category and it gives us a firm foundation on which to build and grow even further.

Everyone I have spoken with is proud of their own personal contribution and, as the responsible party of all things ‘customer service’, I cannot but be moved by the willingness to change and the group effort of all the departments.

eGR: So what is next for BetConstruct?

DC: We will remain true to our principles and remain on the path we have travelled so far. There are many basic elements required to build a strong customer service base, no matter what industry you are in, but there are two guiding principles that help you stand out: ensure that you are innovative, inspirational and insightful, and hire intuitive people who will not just buy into the vision, but will take it further than you ever dreamed.